Assumption of Command

27 May 2005

I told you it would be "Slick"

Sorry, I couldn't resist this one :)

Level of Dificulty: No use of the term "Sexual Relations"

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What's the difference between me and Pres Bush? Well...I think his are made of brass." - Holly Aho

Honorable Mention
"Pardon me, is your suit ScotchGuarded?" - Rodney Dill
What? What the hell did i do now? Why are you all glaring at me like that? I swear I didn't do anything this time? It wasn't me! NOW STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!!! - April M. Shah

If this was a Novel Contest instead of a Caption Contest Winner

President Clinton, bored with post Presidential life to this point, decides on the spur of the moment to become a metrosexual. He showed up at the event wearing a pink tie, new tan, and waving his hands around asking if anyone had a baby wipe. It was later reported by a source on the scene that he was having trouble getting the sunless tanner off of the palms of his hands.
Palmetto Pundit

Special Award for Sucking up (no pun intended) to the Judge
"Yes, it is true. Since leaving the oval office I have started blogging. My blogname is Kevin, and I think Mustang 23 is just another asinine army officer." - FCC@V

Thanks to everybody who participated. This was very tough to decide and a whole lot of fun :)

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