Assumption of Command

09 May 2005

Iraqi Army has Success

Iraqi Army captures 4 terror suspects, explosives
Iraqi Army Soldiers from the Baghdad, 1st Infantry Battalion, 2nd Infantry Brigade of the 6th Iraqi Army Division, found a large weapons cache and detained 4 individuals during an early morning raid May 9 in north central Baghdad.

The raid near the town of Al Waziriah, netted nearly 100 sticks of the plastic explosive C-4 and several suicide vests. Iraqi Soldiers also found a possible "hit list" of names to target.
This is good news. It is great to get these weapons out of the hands of the bad guys, but I am impressed by the Iraqi Army finding it.

The Iraqi Army is good at getting intelligence from the locals... They are the locals. They have been doing a good job at getting info because their ears are more in tune to the pulse of their homeland. That's something we can't compete with no matter how hard we try. Back home, how would you feel if some foreign investigators came to ask you some questions? I am willing to bet you would be more likely to talk with an American that knows you language and customs. Just a hunch. :)

The Iraqi Army needs to be successful for the US Army to be successful. When I see things like this It makes me proud to be on the same side as the Iraqi Army. The good people of Iraq want nothing more than to be able to stand on their on feet without the help of the Americans. They are proud people and want to take care of their own country. Seeing a story like this means we are one step closer bring all the troops home.

Good on them.

On a related note Major K has a post about the Iraqi Army:

Fire Discipline
As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Iraqi Army is assuming a growing piece of the pie here in our area. It is a welcome development, as it is the first step towards all of our forces going home. At this point, however, it is a mixed blessing. There is a wide variance in the quality of Iraqi Army units. Some are showing espirit d'corps and proficiency that would give some American units a run for their money. Others are lazy, corrupt and unprofessional. This is part of the growth process involved in training any new military force where there has been a power vacuum or power struggle in the past. Any soldier who has trained forces from a developing nation will back me up on this, particularly if they are US Army Special Forces, who specialize in this sort of thing.
Go read the whole thing. I hear some of the same things Major K is talking about, but his first hand knowledge is a much better source.

Sidenote: Can anybody tell me where the media is on stories like this?