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29 May 2005

Liveblogging the 2005 Indy 500

Last year I was at the race seated at the entrance of turn 2. It was a great time with Walking Eagle with his dad "Fuller Walking Eagle" and his sister "Squaking Eagle". AFN has the broadcast live. It is going to be a late night, but I will enjoy it.

All times will be Iraq time. (9 hours ahead of Indy Time)

2000: AFN starts the broadcast

2015: enough about the Rookie. yeah she looks better than the other drivers, but she is still just a rookie

2027: enough of 3 doors down. let's get going already

2030: driver introductions. 2 Foyts in row 10. at the back like usual. Kenny Brack back fron the big Texas Wreck. Shame Rice is not there. he raced good and won last year. Tony Kanaan is a good racer on the poll. BTW No Robbie Gordan :)

2033: No tornado Warnings yet :) Last year in the same breath the track announcer said "let have a hand for our winner Buddy Rice... Tornado Warning please exit the stands... Tornado Warning please exit the stands"

2035: AFN Commercials are still terrible

2036: What is this the Freaking Olympics. I don't need a human interest story. I want to see the race.

2037: "chemical latrine" break.

2038: Olpympic coverage still going

2039: checked out the Cheer up Frog again

2040: more bad AFN commercials

2044: COOL! did you see the troops in Iraq!

2045: General Powell. What a cool guy to get to drive the Pace car. Gen. Powell said some cool stuff anout the troops. Thank you sir!

2046: Nation Anthem! (it is hard to live blog while standing at attention) B2 Bomber!

2049: Good to hear from another Veteran. and a salute to the fallen.

2052: I don't think they are going to show Gomer Pyle sing. :(

2055: Taps! I hate that song

2056: Hey we do get to hear Gomer sing :)


Did you know over 300,000 people are at the Speedway for the race

2105: Green flag: Last year the first lap had me jumping up and down. it is so awsome. Hornish jumps to the front. We have racing :)

2107: Kanaan take the lead back in lap 3
2108: that didn't last Hornish, gets it back

2111: Kannan and Franchitti both pass hornish for first and second. look out for Tomas Scheckter

2112: AFN comercials are just plain boring

2117: leader are already in lapped traffic at lap 17. that is sad. They try so hard just to fill the field that the bad cars are just bad

2118: Wreck! Larry Foyt. he just got loose. Castroneves made a great avoidance move. Foyt could drive, but he sure can't own.

2124: in the pits: Kanaan keep the lead. no big movers and no big goof ups int he pitts this time. A very smooth job by all teams.

2126: check that, there might be a penelty? Someone ran over a air hose.

2131: racing again. Green flag Franchitti take the lead

2133: Kanaan get the lead back. he is going to be hard to beat. he is moving really fast

2138: Lap 38 Hornish makes a great move and passes both Kanaan and Franchitti to tak ethe lead from back in thrid. Nice move!

2144: More AFN Commercials. It seems like only Army Generals on TV have the new Army uniforms, the Digital Camo ACUs

2146: still no Trnado Warnings

2147: the announcer just said "the most competitivitve I have ever seen in a long time" ?!?!?!?!?

2151: green flag pits. this is when the pit crews really matter: Hrnish the leader comes in: Nice pit

2152: cars are pitting out of sequence

Nascar sure does have better broadcasts. much more informative with thier graphics.

2155: I cannot belive they went to commerical during a green flag pit window. That is terrible.

2156: checking out the newest entries into the caption contest

2158: Danika Patrick leads a lap. (56) durnig the pit window (in commericial). first time a woman has ever led a lap at Indy.

2200: Scheckter is on the move

2202: who cares if Russel Crowe is wearing the hat of an NHL team.

2208: A wreck in the commercial. Bruno Junqueira took a monster hit on that one. I hope he is okay. and guess what The other foyt was in the way causing problems. and he is out too. Bruno moving good. foyt was 5 laps down and he gets in the way of one of the fast movers. Nasty wreck.

2211: pits in caution. Patrick Stalls. OOPS! Rookie Mistake. and now can't get it started again. She lost a huge amount of track position. She messes up but the announcers are still kissing her rear end :(

2223: Bruno is going to be okay. Thank God. His back is going to hurt for a while. but it could have been a whole lot worse. that one was not pretty.

2226: bad broadcast. missed the restart while in commercial :(

2231: having a good green flag run right now. Hornish is still looking tough.

2233: Kanaan makes a smooth pass of Hornish to take the lead back. I think Hornish just let him go since the race is only half way done.

2238: Hornish makes a nice moveto take the lead back... again in commercial.

2243: lap 112 lead change. lapped traffic slows up Hornish enough for Kanaan to take the lead again. good heads up move by Tony. coming up on a pit window pretty quick

2244 WRECK! lap 114. 2 cars Scott Dixon and Richie Hearn. Hearn got in to Dixon in the turn. he didn't give dixon any room. not a very dangerous wreck. but the yellow is a good time for pits

2246: the leaders are pitting could be a good one. it was who got out first? Hornish did by a quarter length. Nice!

2257: ANOTHER COMMERICAL RESTART! WTFruitcake is going on.

2258: Franchitti take the lead from his teamate Kanaan. But It didn't last long.

2304: these slower cars are really a hazard. one almost caused wreck. they touched tires but no crunching. CLOSE CALL!

2314: Hornish is in the wall. He just lost it in the turn. He had a good car. He is fine. It might have been a tire went down. nope a slower car pushed him a bit too high and up into the marbles. that is a shame.

2318: caution Pits: Wheldon takes the lead with a great stop. lets see if he can keep it. Miera did well also.

2330: Holy cow. why is there is wreck during a yellow flag. That is weird! Danika Patrick the Rookie, caused it trying to warm up her tires duringa caution loses control. that won't sit well with the cars she put out of the race. the announcers are still trying to kiss her rear end. well at least I didn't miss a restart... there wasn't one.

2343: lap 163 GREEN Flag Finallly, and it wasn't during commercial :)

2350: fluid on the track brings out a yellow. this could be interesting for the fuel game. I will be curious how this will work out. Who is going to pit and who will stay out? Miera take fuel only get out first. But Danika Patrick stays out and takes the lead. lets see if she can keep it and if she has enough fuel. it is going to be a good finish!

2356: Patrick has the lead, but the pack seems to be catching her. we are coming up on 20 laps left. it is going to be a dogfight.

2359: This better be the last commercial.

0002: Holy Smokes. Caution. Who was ahead? Whenldon took the lead from Patrick seconds before the caution came out! slow cars at the end of races casuing cautions really tend to tick me off.

0006: still no Tornado Warnings

0008: 10 laps! to go green flag! Michael Andretti looks like Dustin Hoffman

0009: Patrick Takes the restart from Wheldon!

0011: Wheldon passes patrick 7 laps to go

0014: Patrick goes back a couple places 3 laps to go

0015: 2 laps left. some dipstick hit the wall and we won't have a green flag finish. :( Dan Wheldon raced very well today. Congrats to him and the A/G Team.

0016: Checkerd Flag under Yellow. Wheldon Wins and get to drink Milk.

0017: It's late. I am going to bed

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