Assumption of Command

02 May 2005

MDG on the Radio

MDG has been very busy with his blog lately. His blog caught the attention of a NPR radio show called "On the Media"

Okay, I have to toot my own horn a bit. I was offered an interview as well, but since we only have tin cans attached by sting here for phones, I told them it would be terrible radio.

MDG did a wonderful job on the interview. He talks about it on his site here. He also has a clip of the interview here. It seems this is getting MDG a little attention in the MilBlogger world. Both Greyhawk, Blackfive and others have linked to it. I bet his sitemeter is spinning off the hook.

Hey MDG, let's not get a swelled head yet. :)

Kudos also goes to "On the Media" for not only dedicating time on their show the guys over here, but also for treating MDG with respect.