Assumption of Command

05 May 2005

A new blog

April writes about my post on SPC Colburn:

This person has done a wonderful job putting everything into perspective. I am thankful that he has written this. I just happened to come across it while searching the internet to see if any new stories had developed about it. This story is what kind of made me decide to start a blog.
Wow, I am glad that she likes my post, but I never thought I would inspire anybody to start their own blog. This is very humbleing.

April has just one post (so far) but it is well worth reading.
I am not just saying that because I have a family member currently serving in Iraq, I am saying that because, even if I didn't know anyone serving over there, that is how I feel. You all do such an amazing job and sometimes don't get the credit that you deserve. I wish there was some way i could thank each and everyone of you. But for now just know that I appreciate your sacrifice, and I am in prayer for all of you each day.
April, keep doing what you are doing. The support we recieve from home, not just from our family and friends, but people we don't know really truly means the world to us.

If that means defending us to your friends, keep it up.

If that means putting a yellow ribbon on your car, keep it up.

If that means praying for our safety, keep it up.

If that means writing your blog, keep it up.

If that means sending home made cookies, keep it up. (okay that one was for Mustang Mama)

Good luck with your blog. You don't know it but you are doing us a great service.

BTW: here are some good resources for new bloggers: Blogging tips.