Assumption of Command

21 May 2005

NewsWEAK and Eason Foley

[Updated and Bumped up]

There are a couple of big stories going on. There is the NewsWEAK scandal and the Eason Foley mess.

Being in Iraq makes them very important to me and my fellow troops. But I have avoided discussing both of them for a reason. I really don't feel like getting wrapped around the axel by writing about it myself. Don't get me wrong, both of these stories make me upset. The media back home really needs to remove their head from their Fourth Point of Contact. It is a real shame that the once proud American Media has stooped so low for ratings and circulation that they will print or say whatever they feel like saying, even if it harm the troops. DISGUSTING.

Like I said, I am not going to dig in to the details here, but I really want to let you know what people I respect and admire are saying about the situation.

Andi (who earned a well deserved link from La Shawn Barber on this) covers Eason Foley. It looks like the “Hell on Heels” is motored up for action.

Greyhawk rips NewsWEAK and here

BlackFive Doesn't even read NewsWEAK anymore. But you need to read why!

There are many other great post out there, but my favorite NewsWEAK post is by MDG:

Newsweek's Exemplary "Faux Pas"

I can recommend no course of action except for one. Foremost, we as soldiers, must act and fight with dignity and respect towards our enemy. Does that mean not kill him when he threatens? Absolutely not. Does that mean dehumanizing your enemy? No. It means that we should meet threats with resolve and determination, but do it in an honorable way. Only by fighting a clean fight will we have a chance to show the rest of the world that we are involved in a righteous endeavor. When we cease providing the enemy-sympathizing MSM with ammunition to attack us through public opinion, we will have won. The American soldier has 2 enemies: the terrorists who try to kill us, and all who stand for right, with bombs and bullets; and the press, who spew forth metaphorical, yet equally lethal, "missiles" of word and thought at the American Fighting Man.
HOOAH! or as MDG says "SCOUTS OUT!"

MDG is a young NCO and he lives and leads by these words. This is what being a soldier and a leader is all about. This is who we are and how we fight. Even when people bash us, we will still do our job properly. We put our anger aside and do our job. It is young leaders like this, the heart and backbone of the Army, that distinguish the American Military from all others in the world. Commanders, like me, can’t accomplish any mission without our NCO leading our troops and knowing and trusting that there are young NCO that have the big picture in their head like this makes me feel proud and confident that there is nothing that we can’t accomplish.

Update: I told you Hell on Heels was getting ready. Andi Rips Eason Foley:

Why It Matters:
In pre-9/11 times, offensive though it is, your anti-American speech wouldn't matter as much. But, things are much different now and when people in responsible positions utter irresponsible words, it matters. Our enemies latch on to the words of people like you. They take your words and use them to motivate others to join the movement and kill Americans. Our soldiers, though falsely accused, pay a dear price for your overt hatred. Just read their thoughts on irresponsible speech. You claim our troops have a reckless disregard for journalists - you, Ms. Foley, have a reckless disregard for our troops.
You have to read it all to get the full effect. WOW! Sidenote: Andi is out of town for the weekend and when she gets back she is going to be shocked to find out she got linked by Instapundit.