Assumption of Command

03 May 2005

No question, but I got answers

I don't have any questions to answer right now. (Hint Hint) But I did receive some answers to the questions I gave Ms. R's class.

I asked: "What was the last movie you saw in the theatre? If it was recent tell me about it, because I probably don't know anything about it." My most recent movie is Hitch with Will Smith. I liked that movie.
Movies seen: Day after Tomorrow, Envy, Sahara (lots of action, and Penelope Cruz!!!!), Fever Pitch (Drew Barrymore, and baseball), Miss Congeniality II , Beauty Shop (incredibly terrible), A Lot like Love (Ashton Dutcher, 'nough said).
- Day After Tomorrow: don't know it
- Envy: don't know it
- Sahara: the book is great, but author, Clive Cussler, has a lawsuit against the company because his contract says he gets final script approval and they kind of ignored him and made the movie anyway.
- Fever Pitch: baseball is a good start but I have also seen some bad baseball movies.
- Miss Congeniality II: OH GOOD GRIEF! Not another one of those.
- Beauty Shop: I like the Barbershop movies, I thought this one would be good.
- A Lot like Love: DUDE! I don't know it. SWEET!

"Give me one interesting or fun, true fact about Missouri."
I got some good answers here.
Missouri facts:
  • Mark Twain from Hannibal Missouri
  • Walt Disney from here
  • Nelly is from Missouri
  • Brad Pitt went to Mizzou
(now those are FUN facts)
  • Became a state in 1821, the 24th
  • Kansas City almost was called Possum Trot (why we don't know, and the student realizes now that that is the 'fun' in this fact)
  • We have the 2nd worse roads in the county (a political fun fact, but embarrassingly true)
All of them are good. I didn't know about the Possum Trot deal. Yes, Missouri roads are not good. But did you know that Missouri has like 9 times more miles of road per square mile than Kansas.

"What date is the official Birthday of the US Army? What other important day shares the same date? How old will the Army be this year?"
Army birthday = June 14, 1775 "Flag Day" is the shared holiday...
They did a good job on researching the date. But They forgot to tell me how old the Army will be this year. Do you expect me to do the math? The only Math I know right now is how to add up PUSH UPS! You better not stop until I get tired. :)