Assumption of Command

11 May 2005

Odds are Jim Lampley is a nut

Pardon my dabble into politics (read the disclaimer), but I think this is funny.

Well there is a bit of buzz going on around the blogosphere about a new website (I hate to call it a blog) where we are being "graced" by the opinions of "Celebrities". The place is called the Huffington Post. Being on my "Extended Desert Vacation Getaway" I didn't hear all the hype leading up to the launch of this website. If you haven't been over there yet, this is what you missing.

Jim Lampley, the pretentious boxing announcer, in his first post compares what he (thinks he) knows to something he is absolutely clueless about:

The Biggest Story of Our Lives:
At 5:00 p.m. Eastern time on Election Day, I checked the sportsbook odds in Las Vegas and via the offshore bookmakers to see the odds as of that moment on the Presidential election. John Kerry was a two-to-one favorite. You can look it up.
He goes on to say that Odds makers are very precise about everything they do. They know all. He also says that the odds makers used exit poll information to construct these odds.

Okay, I don't disagree with Mr. Lampley here. Odds makers are very precise. They are good at making money for their casino. But the odds they set are not meant to be a actually prediction of who is going to win. These odds are created to induce bets to be placed evenly on both sides of the "game". Getting a split bet for them is the best way to guarantee a return based on the juice that they charge on winnings. Half the people would lose and the other half would get a fee charged. So Mr. Lampley Suffers a Knockdown here.

But he goes on to the meat of his post:
Oddsmakers consulted exit polling and knew what it meant and acknowledged in their oddsmaking at that moment that John Kerry was winning the election.

And he most certainly was, at least if the votes had been fairly and legally counted. What happened instead was the biggest crime in the history of the nation, and the collective media silence which has followed is the greatest fourth-estate failure ever on our soil.
WHOA! So the votes were not fairly counted, and the media didn't do their job. That is quite bold or stupid as the case may be.

I could go on about Mr. Lamply's original post, Byron York, on Huffinton Post, does it for us:
Enough of that. Just for the record: There is ample evidence that the exit polls on November 2 were terribly screwed up
So know we know the Exit polls were all screwy
But he didn't win. And Rep. John Conyers' "hearings" on the matter did not produce any evidence that Kerry did, in fact, win more votes than Bush in Ohio. Nor did the (failed and withdrawn) lawsuits filed by fringe Democratic activists in Ohio. Nor has anyone else.
And all of the attempts to prove the fraud in Ohio, came up fruitless or were dropped.

Mr. York makes some very good factual arguments to Mr. Lampley. But here comes the funny part. Mr. Lampley responds to Mr. York.
In an attempt to refute the logic of my previous post about the stolen Presidential election of 2004, Byron York compares the handicapping of the Kentucky Derby to oddsmakers' responses to the exit polls which demonstrated John Kerry was the actual winner on November 4. This is typical neocon disingenuity, a shunt designed to ignore the real question.
I just laugh at this kind "I am not wrong, you are a not to be trusted NEOCON" response. Wake up Mr. Lampley this is May, that was 6 months ago. And this is supposed to be a new website. I guess these are the headlines of today, when you are bitter because you didn't get your way.

Not once did Mr. York talk about horse racing, he talked about how terrible the exit polling was. Mr. Lampley did you even read the response.
York's posting proves nothing. Neither, for that matter, does mine,
You got that half right!
What is needed is for legitimate news media, whether old style or new age, to commit to the investigative process of getting to the bottom of what happened in November.
I always find it funny when somebody from the Hollywood point of view complains about the Media. the Hollywood Point of view almost owns the media but, he still complains. Not once in Mr. Lampley's response does he use any fact to refute Mr. York’s Facts. Mr. Lampley just throws out some more rumor and conspiracy theory that doesn't hold water.

Mr. Lampley please stick to boxing, I respect your work there. Stay away from debating, unless you want to continue to get KOed. (BTW: Stay off of the Jim Rome show too, but that is beside the point)

Dabble over.