Assumption of Command

05 May 2005

Precious Doe's name is Erica Green

The Precious Doe case has been solved.

2 Charged With Murder In 'Precious Doe' Slaying
Police said Harrell Johnson, admitted that one night late in April 2001, under the influence of alcohol and the hallucinogenic drug PCP, he became angry with Erica when she refused to go to bed. He said he grabbed her, kicked her, and threw her to the ground, causing her to hit her head and fall unconscious. She was left on the floor for two days.

According to a probable cause statement filed in Circuit Court, the Johnsons did not seek medical treatment for the girl because both had outstanding warrants for their arrests.

The child died, police said, and the couple carried the body to a church parking lot, then through the woods, where the stepfather allegedly cut the girl's head off with hedge clippers.
Just plain sad. I will be glad to see these people brought to justice.

(Via Tony's Kansas City)