Assumption of Command

11 May 2005

Royals Manager Resigns

From the Royals Official Site

Pena resigns as Royals manager
"I've been thinking about it for the last three weeks," Pena said from Toronto. "It made me sick. I wasn't eating well or sleeping well because I thought so much about the way we played. I don't think we've played to the top of our ability."
I like Tony Pena. He is a good person. But the way the Royals are playing something had to be done. A record of 8-25 just doesn't cut it. I wish him luck in his new endeavors.

Allard Baird, Royals General Manager:
"I don't want this to tarnish what he's done in the past for this organization like he did two years ago, as well as being a very large part of a lot of our young players' development," Baird said.

"His willingness to take on young guys, put them in situations and believe in them and send them back out there is a good application in theory but it's not always easily done. But he did it very well."
As for a new manager, I don't have a clue who they should hire. I guess it is obvious that they should have picked up Buck Showalter when they had the chance. (he was the other finalist along with Pena in 2003)
"We will take as long as we need to hire a new manager," Baird said.
It's not like this season will mean much, so getting the right person should be important.