Assumption of Command

12 May 2005

Smash And Pablo

Pablo Paredes, the Sailor that refused to go on his deployment because he thinks the war is illegal, was convicted and sentenced. Good!

Smash has the details and a has prottest details as well. you will need to check out both posts.

This one was from the day of his trial:

Pablo's Pity Party:
Last night was the grand kickoff for what was billed as “a week of protests” against Paredes’ cout martial, which began this morning. Thousands of flyers were printed and distributed to coffeehouses, campuses, and hippie hangouts around the greater San Diego area. Electronic notices were posted on the local Indymedia site, and other virtual hangouts frequented by local lefties. In the end, only about 150 people showed up – including the media, and a handful of Protest Warriors.

Yes, I was there – and I recognized several of the usual suspects among the organizers of the event. But if they noticed my presence, they didn’t show it. My intentions were to observe quietly, record as much as possible, and ask questions if given the opportunity.
And this one discusses the sentencing and the protest response.

Pablo Gets Hard Labor
YESTERDAY AFTERNOON, I got word that a group of pro-Pablo demonstrators were gathering outside the main gate of Naval Station San Diego. So I got together a couple of my Protest Warrior buddies and set up an impromptu "Operation Thank You" on the opposite corner.

As usual, we kept our message positive, with signs that read "Thank You Navy," and "Land of the Free, Thanks to the Brave." The Pablo protestors didn't know quite what to make of us.
These are both good posts.