Assumption of Command

09 May 2005

Soldiers Mom has a Message for Iraqi Mothers

This is really neat. I just found it, better late than never :)

To the Mothers of Iraq:
Here in the United States, today is Mother’s Day – a day set aside to honor mothers. Today, I also honor the mothers of Iraq. Please believe me when I say that the mothers in America are with you – even if we cannot be there in person to support you, we are there. We cry for your lost children. Our hearts ache for you… we can only imagine your horror and your grief… we grieve with you. We share in your hope of a brighter tomorrow for your children.

We have sent our sons and daughters to help you. We would rather they were here with us, but we accept that they have a larger mission. We want for you and your children what our children are working towards: a free and safe Iraq.
Read the whole thing or I will make you do push-ups :)

Update: You have to read the Comments! Neurotic_wife, An Iraqi blogger responds.