Assumption of Command

18 May 2005

Star Wars: Revenge of the Mustang 23

This is officially a Star Wars Episode III Free Zone.

There will be no talk about the movie itself until I get a chance to see it. I wish I could see it, but that is not very likely. I will probably be a few weeks before I there is a bootlegged copy here for me to see.

So please don't go and ruin it for me. Okay I know that Anaikin is Darth Vader and that he has a couple kids and all that, but I want to see it myself no play-by-play here is allowed.

If I was home I would probably be at the midnight showing. I saw the last two on opening day.

Episode I, I was on active duty, so I sent one of my troops, who "volunteered", with enough money to buy tickets for everyone in my section, to stand in line DURING THE DUTY DAY! I drove him out there and bought him doughnuts and milk and said call me when you get the tickets. That night my whole section went out and watched the movie together. That was pretty fun and the guys enjoyed having a movie on the boss.