Assumption of Command

19 May 2005

Thanks for the offer, but No

I got an e-mail the other day from a Co-Worker and Friend of mine back home. It looks like my company, actually my old department, is looking to hire Single, Adventurous, people with strong communications skills to work in Thailand for a minimum of 18 months, helping lead a group of "Augmenties".

Single - Check
Adventurous spirit/attitude - Are you kidding me?
Strong communication skills - you are reading this so I must be okay here.
Manage/lead - Do I get to make people do push ups?
Train/mentor/consult - right up my alley
Other Technical Mumbo Jumbo - Out of Practice, but Check

It is work I could do/already did. Sounds like it could be interesting in a broaden my horizons and in a helping my career kind of way. But after this trip, I have a very simple answer: