Assumption of Command

01 May 2005

They like me, They like me not

Dadmanly has an intesting post about America's percetion in the world.

Should We Care Whether They Like Us?:
This jealousy and dislike of America and our position in the world is unavoidable and inevitable, as our very position breeds the resentment described. it is the price to pay for our National Security, and while we wish that others would see fact and reality, as well as the moral authority with which we wield our power and influence, but they don't. That comes with the territory.
I am the kind of guy that doesn't really care if someone likes me or doesn't like me. I do things that I think are right, and if you don't like me it is no skin off my back. For example I didn't help a friend of mine move TWICE just so he would like me. He needed help and it was the right thing to do. This mentality and politics sometimes doesn't get along. In the Army, sometimes I upset people because I am doing the right thing. But, every morning when I look in the mirror, while shaving, I like who I see because I did the right thing.

I can sleep at night, can you?