Assumption of Command

07 May 2005

Updated so I bumped it up.


I have made some changes.

-new title
-new blockquote format
-darker line between posts

Let me know what you think.


Update: I think that will do it for now

Blogger is weird. The preview of my template and the finished product are different by 6 pixels!?!

- Darkened the blockquote text (Thanks CLS, BTW it is nice to see the Yankees playing bad)
- Darkened the border between the main and the side bar
- Side Bar Titles are now neat boxes which helps me organize a bit.
- Rearranged the side bar a bit too

I would also like to let everyone know that I used Phin's work on his site and Confederate Yankee's site by viewing the source for technical tips and design ideas. It was a big help. And it ain't stealing if you give credit. :)

Let me know what you think... Ahem - About the site changes.