Assumption of Command

24 June 2005

Beef Jerky Wars are Back on!

Check this out, JP is up to his old tricks (it is about dang time) and the his Beef Jerky Nazi personality has taken back over: The Beef Jerky Debate.

So he now says it's my turn... I will responsd to his remarks later, but I want everyone to see something. As most of you know the Beef Jerky Nazi is selling T-Shirts, they are neat "Mortar Maggots" Shirts. But the T-Shirts have their own mind and needs when it comes to the Jerky Debate:

Image Hosted by

When I opened the package, this poor T-shirt’s first words were "I am hungry, Do you have any Beef Jerky?" And being the good T-Shirt host that I am, I just so happened to have some wonderful beef Jerky. The T-shirt now is all happy and content knowing that he has come to such a high class and wonderful new home that knows that Soldiers, (and T-shirts) not only want Beef Jerky, but need Beef Jerky.

Did you notice the cool Bumper Sticker in the picture? You can get your very own awesome Milblogs Bumper Sticker from the official Mudville Gazette/Milblogs Store.

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