Assumption of Command

16 June 2005

The Book WhatcamaThingamaboberMahoozie

Andi got me and so did Dadmanly now it's my turn to answer the questions about books.

Memes are little traveling set of questions that go around the blogosphere. Someone "Nominates" you to answer questions (or some other silliness) on your own blog and then pass it on to other people. Since I am not above silliness or answering questions, I will play along.

Okay I couldn't resist putting that in here :)

1. Total number of books I own:
That is a tough question, since I didn't bring them with me, so I can't go and get a good count. Really I don't need to go and count because it is a rather low number compared to most bloggers. it is some where around 75. I have never been one to collect a bunch of books. After I read a book, they tend to disappear.
2. Last book I bought:
I want to answer with 3 different versions of the Uncle John's Bathroom readers that I bought for my bowling team when we traded fun gifts for Christmas before I got deployed, but I can't claim that is the last one I bought.

I don't have to buy books over here the MWR has plenty of them, but I did buy one of the newer Clive Cussler Books, Trojan Odyssey, on Paperback from the PX in Mosul.
3. Last book I read:
The last one that I read was John Grisman's The Brethren.
4. Five books that mean a lot to me:
My family probably thinks it is the first five Harry Potter books. :) (I have the 6th on one pre-order)

Actually I find it very difficult to say that there are normal books that are meaningful to me. I almost exclusively read non-fiction for entertainment only. Although the ones I read are great books, I wouldn't say they mean a lot to me.

But I did come up with some other interesting stuff.

Every Company Commander has a book that is near and dear to their heart... The Property Book. The Commander has to sign for and maintain accountability of all of the property in the company. And if they don't do a good job of this the Army will hit them in another book... The Pocket Book .

While you are deployed to Iraq letter mail is free so I have no need for a Book of Stamps.

I never really had a Little Black Book. And thanks to FCC@V, I sure don't need one now anyhow.

My College Literature Book was meaningless to me. I read only 13 pages for that class and still got a C in that class. I would have settled for a D, because "D stands for Done"

I could have spent more time in a spelling book.

Gambling in Theatre is Illegal so I don't need a bookie

Crayons melt in the heat here so Coloring books are out of the question. But Harlod and the Purple Crayon is awesome.

My Fraternity Pledge Book was kinda cool, but I am not allowed to talk about it... If you want to know, "Pledge and find out!"
5. Tag five people:
For this I am tagging members of Bloggers For Beef Jerky: Membership has its privileges. HAHAHAHA!