Assumption of Command

17 June 2005

Caption Contest Time Again

This one should be good but I have to add one thing:

No Flatulence Jokes!

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"Keep looking to the side...Don't look forward...Keep looking to the side...Don't look forward..."
John Schroeder - Blogotional

Weekly Fashion Police Awards
"Hey - at least I'm dressed. Look at all these other yahoo's who call themselves adults! "
"Why am I the one wearing a diaper?"
California Conservative
"I think i am a little overdressed for the occasion!"
April Shah

"EWWWW Gross" Awards (way too many of these)
"I hope he took his Kaopectate today!"
"That bike seat will never be the same! "
John Schroeder - Blogotional
"I sure am glad Mom talked Dad into using that hair removal cream or this would be like following the cocker spaniel!"

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Part of the OTB Caption Jam