Assumption of Command

03 June 2005

DadManly talks about how his unit has matured

Taking a quick break from the Blog Fight, I found this great post.

DadManly, a First Sergeant here in Iraq, has noticed how his unit has matured through the deployment so far:

We Are Not the Same:
We’re not the same National Guard unit anymore.

In thinking about our first year of mobilized active duty, that’s the thought I’ve had, more than any other besides how much I miss being home. We’re not the same individuals who left home, and we’re not the same unit, for a variety of reasons.
His post is dead on. As a unit goes through a deployment together, things definitely change. I see it here daily. There are so many phases to the deployment you find out so much about people. The different duties, even while being in the same position, that I have had, have showcased my different talents. (or lack thereof) Same goes for everybody else. But we as a unit know how to pick up the slack or adjust to these talents as we see them. We are constantly adjusting to meet the mission based on who we think will do the best job.

Like Top DadManly's unit, we have matured here as well.