Assumption of Command

18 June 2005

The Dawn Patrol Rocks

Have I ever mentioned Mrs GreyHawk's Dawn Patrol before? Well if you haven't yet, take notice! The Dawn Patrol has been awesome every since Mrs. G. changed the format to highlight posts from other Milbloggers.

Now I don't just bring that up because I was mentioned today for, of all things, "Flatulence Jokes". (hey I posted it) or for being mentioned on for yesterdays post about how the media is handling the recent Murder. Okay maybe I did, maybe I didn't. I report, you decide! :)

It is nice to know that people are reading the stuff I write, but what I really like about the Dawn Patrol is that it saves me some time looking for some good Milblog posts. I wish I had the time to look at all of the Milblogs everyday, but I am not sure if you have heard, there is a war going on and I happen to be in the right country at the right time. Therefore I wait with baited (Beef Jerky) breath for each days Dawn Patrol so I can find out what is going on in the Milblogosphere.

If you are not reading it everyday, at The Mudville Gazette, you really need to.

BTW: I am really, really, really not trying to suck up for more links! :)