Assumption of Command

29 June 2005

Deployments Harm Marriages

Kyer, at Whatsakyer, found an article about how deployments are harming marriages.

Iraq War Takes Toll on Army Marriages
The issue of strengthening and maintaining fragile military (not just Army) marriages is of utmost importance. These men and women sacrifice so much for us... be it life or limb... and the last thing they should return to is an empty home.
From my point of view as a Commander here in Iraq, I can say without doubt that yes this deployment is harming marriages of my troops. This deployment is exposing all of the weaknesses of a relationship. If there were any cracks to start before the deployment, these cracks get blown open. And some of these fragile marriages just cannot withstand the onslaught. I have multiple soldiers with situations like this right now.

I have also found that the marriages that are based on a strong personal relationship and commitment to each other tend to get stronger as both people know and understand the difficulties each other is going through and help the help and support each other through the bad days.

Deployments are just plain tough.