Assumption of Command

17 June 2005

Follow up on DadManly's Rough few Days

Remeber the Rough few days Dadmanly had, He now has a couple more posts out there.

The first is a description of the Memorial Service for the two officers.

Never Forget
They held a memorial service today for the two officers lost tragically last week.

There were memorial tributes to the two men, some reflections on their military careers, what they accomplished, what kind of men they were, sympathy for the families they leave behind.

Surviving members of their command paid tribute to their abilities, their dedication, their passion in their jobs, their commitment to our purpose. The ceremony itself centered on a memorial stand of boots, rifle and helmet in a fashion now well established for such memorials.
Also Mrs DadManly writes about her experiences.

A Witness of Mrs. Dadmanly
My turn again! Today marks one week that I did not know whether or not my husband was alive or with the Lord. It has been a week of many twists and turns and an extremely heavy, heavy weight that I could physically feel over me and I could not seem to shake it.
both of these posts are very good. It is a true shame all of this had to happen.