Assumption of Command

07 June 2005

For Charity

I got an e-mail from the GI Bracelet team today. They have some announcements and are trying to reach their goal of $100K for their different soldier charities:

Thank you for being GI Bracelet's pioneering supporter and championing this effort! With your support, GI Bracelet has raised over $33,000 to date for the various charity organizations that help our troops and their families!

I had the opportunity to visit the ER at our local hospital this weekend, and was deeply reminded of how uncomfortable it is for both the patients and the families. I personally cannot imagine how difficult it is for our combat wounded to be evacuated to field hospitals and then to the VA hospitals, in excruciating pain, with no personal belongings and having loved ones thousands of miles away! In addition to the over 1,600 fallen heroes, we've had over 16,000 wounded! Let's pitch in and support these brave men, women, and their families!

1. We've added additional charity organizations to support, including local organizations. Please take a look at these organizations. We carefully screen organizations that we support, and these are all first class non-profit organizations with low or no administrative overhead.

2. We've added "forum" to the Web site. Please take a look at it and share your personal stories and experiences.

Below are some recent updates from organizations that we support.

- The Military Order of the Purple Heart meets every air ambulance that arrives at Andrews Air Force Base. Our wounded and injured heroes always need some basic but very important supplies. The wish list is based on requests from OIF and OEF patients, and it has been approved by medical staff.

- Soldiers' Angels need help with Care Packages and Armor Up projects. They are receiving 1,500 to 2,000 soldiers and 10 requests a month for armor blankets.

- North County Honor Campaign has given out 64 scholarships to the children of the fallen troops in San Diego area. 6 more scholarships are near final approval. After the 6, they have enough money left for 4 more scholarships, and need donations for more scholarships

Very sincerely,

The Team