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16 June 2005

Fred Phelps protests a Military Funeral

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Fred "God Hates Everything" Phelps (I refuse to call him Reverend) has done it again. I don't know if I would call it a new low, because that would be incredibly difficult to do.

Gryphmon tells us, this time he is Protesting at a Military Funeral:

National Guard Corporal Carrie French didn't know the Reverend Fred Phelps. Nor, as far as anyone knows, was she a lesbian , or in Phelps-speech, a Sodomite. Yet he is coming to her funeral this Wednesday to picket and tell everyone to thank God for IED's.

Welcome to what gay people have been dealing with for many, many years, long before Phelps picketed Mathew Shepards funeral and made a national name for himself. (that name being "Jackass")
His protests are just publicity stunts just to make you angry... AND IT WORKS. I saw one of his protests before a George Carlin show. He is despicable!

(Via The Mudville Gazette Dawn Patrol)

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Update2: I love the blogosphere. Even when something is going on in Idaho or some other random place, A blogger can stop by an see it for himself. Thanks to Bubblehead for stopping by CPL French's Funeral and posting a report with pictures:

"The Friend of my Enemy...":
(language Alert, but appropriately used)
They were doing a lot of laughing. The old man had about four signs (including "Thank God for 9/11", "Thank God for IEDs", "Fag Troops" and "U.S.A. Sin = 9/11") that he held up in turn; the "son" had an "America is Doomed" sign, and the wife? daughter? had "God Hates Fags" and "Fags Doom Nations". She also talked on the cell phone a lot:
If you aren't steaming now read the whole thing. This is the same sort of stuff I saw in person. Disgusting!

(Via ARGGHHH!! CPL French and that Topeka Twit)