Assumption of Command

01 June 2005

I Can't Spell

I am a very bad speller. Not on Regular words that spell check picks up, because I spell check everything because I know I can't spell for carp. :)

But I have now noticed something funny about my misspellings: I am no the only one. My misspellings are being picked up by the search engines and people like me who can't spell are finding my site at the top of the list. That is funny and by no means intentional.

Here is the list of misspellings that I know off hand:

Doonsberry is actually Doonesberry.
Ward Churchill's name is not spelled Churchhill.
Danika Patrick, the Woman Indy 500 driver is actually Danica. (And no I don't have any pictures of her.)

I didn't think this was a big deal until I looked at my referrer log this morning and I found out that I am being bombarded by people looking up "Danika Patrick".

All I have to say is this:

Bad Spellers of the world: Untie!