Assumption of Command

30 June 2005

Jack Army Rants

Everyone needs to read JackArmy's latest post on Recruiting:
Anyway, the thing that frustrates me the most about all this "counter-recruiter" or "leave-my-child-alone" crap is that out of all the young men and women out there, not even half could join the Army. I, as a recruiter, don't want to harass your "child". I don't want to call your house 50 times a day, stalk your kid, or knock on your door at dinner time. When I do, though, it's because your "child" said he wanted my attention. Somehow, someway, in some fashion, Johnny or Susie told me he or she was interested in the Army. I just want to follow up on that interest and find out how far it goes. All I ask for is a chance to tell you what the Army has to offer and tell my Army story. If, after hearing what I have to say, Johnny or Susie isn't interested, needs more time to think or just wants to get more information, so be it. At least I'll hear an informed "no" instead of an ignorant "no".
This is just a small part of a great post. Read it all!