Assumption of Command

29 June 2005

Kitty Cat went to Kitty heaven

I got some bad news today. The kitty that my family took on as a kitten, during my Freshman year in High School, passed away yesterday. The kitty's name was "Nickel". She was preceded in death by her sister "Penny".

Nickel was a good kitty. A very loving cat, she always wanted to be where the family was. She never met anybody she didn't like. She was also a good alarm clock cat. After my active duty time I spent some time living with my parents and the cat got used to my schedule, because she liked to be at there when everybody wakes up to say "hi" in the morning. One morning, I didn't wake up at my normal time for work, so Nickel busted into my room and woke me up. I couldn't make out any cuss words at the time but if cats do have cuss words she was using them on me to keep me from being late. And it worked, that day I showed up with no time to spare. Good Kitty!

Nickel also liked it when I would pick up her bowl of dry food and stir it up a bit and put it back down. I am not sure why she liked this, but it seemed important to her, so when ever I would visit I would stir up her bowl for her and she would purr. Goofy Kitty!

Nickel would always come to whoever was calling her. There was only one exception. The house was out of power for 6 days in 2002 during the winter, and she stayed by herself. When the power and the heat came back on she decided the best place to be was right on top of the heating vent. When I called, she didn't come but Meowed from the vent to say, "I am over here and I am not moving, but I hear you calling me". Funny Kitty!

I got this note from Mustang Sarge this morning :
she basically stopped eating. I switched her to 9 Lives canned food. That helped, then she stopped again. Much to my surprise she ate quite a bit of Fancy Feast chunky chicken for a couple of weeks. Then she pretty much stopped.

Until the end she was still the cat we knew. She would fight to get up and greet me. She would hurry over to talk to me even tho she often tripped over her own feet into a full summersault. A couple of weeks ago your mom came home to find that Nickel had slipped out of the garage and spent the day outside. She was curled up in the middle of the side yard waiting for us to get home.

Finally it was clear she would simply finish wasting away. Your mom and I took her to the vet this afternoon. She can't have weighed four pounds. Nickel will be in a group cremation at Wayside Waifs. The ashes will be scattered in a field which I assume is part of their pet cemetary.
Nickel was an old kitty. I am not surprised, but I am sad.

Update: Laurence Simon lost a Kitty, too.