Assumption of Command

14 June 2005

More on SPC Jorge Estrada

Friends of SPC Estrada, the Califonia Gaurdsman who was murdered, stopped by the site with a comment that I wanted everybody to see:
My Husband and His Cousin were Friends of Jorge and we want this Coward Fabian to get what he truley diserves....But we need the help of all of you! Here is the number for Fox News Channel.....

select option #5 and let them know about Estrada....

There's nothing we want more over here in PA then to see Fabian lose his rights to freedom or even more! Lets get this coward... for Jorge!!!

- Stacy Torres
Stacy, I am so sorry to here about your husbands friend. The Army and the United States has lost a good man. Thank you for posting a way we can help.

So you heard the lady, let's start burning up the phone lines!