Assumption of Command

27 June 2005

Now this is torture

I have a message to all of the people who think what we are doing to detainees in Gitmo (like reading Harry Potter to the Bad Guys) is torture.


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Iraqi army hostage survives 22 days of torture by rebels
A hostage who was found shackled in a torture room in Iraq by American soldiers has described how he was tormented for 22 days with electric shocks and daily beatings for no obvious reason.
He was locked in a darkened room, with his face covered with black tape and he was flogged with rubber truncheons.

The electric shocks felt "like my soul being ripped out of my body". But when his body went into spasm, his captors would beat him. He said he was never questioned and did not know why he had been captured.

US marines who burst into the building at the weekend, during an operation to flush insurgents out of the border towns, found Mr Fathil with three other captives. One had been beaten unconscious and the two others were so emaciated that they needed hospital treatment.

The room was equipped with electric wires, a noose, handcuffs and a 574-page manual entitled The Principles of Jihadist Philosophy.

It included chapters on "How to Select the Best Hostage" and "The Legitimacy of Cutting the Infidel's Head".
Any Questions?

I got one: Where is the Main Stream Media on this one?

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