Assumption of Command

02 June 2005

Operation Beef Up Our Troops

I have already received e-mail (Thanks Jeffery) asking for my address so Beef Jerky can be sent my way. I have said before that I didn't start this site to troll for stuff from readers, just from my friends and family back home, especially Mustang Mama.

Just to set the record straight I don't want anybody to send me stuff. I am here trolling for all of the troops, even "Beef Jerky Nazi". I am an Officer and I make quite a bit more money than the normal trooper. But For the good of all troopers I have found a program run by USO. (I love the USO, they are great)

So if you feel so inclined you could always donate to Operation Beef Up Our Troops.

I sincerely appreciate all offers but I would rather see this blog fight go for the common good of all troops, not just me.

Thank you.