Assumption of Command

04 June 2005

Picture of Me?

I have been outed. The "Beef Jerky Nazi" has dug up a picture of me. Since it is on the internet it must be true. :) While I am not quite sure the resemblance, I figure we could use it for this week’s Caption Contest. This is not the picture that will tie you in knots like I hinted about. I will save that one for later.

I took the offending picture of me and put my "Powerpoint Ranger" skills to work and we get this:

Fill in the Blanks!

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Winner (even if she is rooting for the wrong team)
Mustang23- "Jerky is addicting,it is salty yet sweet. I like the additives in the homemade stuff. Jerky makes for a fast....."
Beef Jerky Nazi butts in-" It makes for a fast trip to the dunghouse."
Mom (who is not Mustang Mama)

Special Award for making fun of the Jugdes Spelling
M23: "My friend here is not so S-T-O-O-P-I-D"
Jerk: "Yes I am so, thought I couldn't spell, huh?"
Rodney Dill

Special Award because she can't win the Lottery
Mustang 23: Keep the focus on the beef! And for goodness sake don't mention you'd like glue in a carepackage!
Beef Jerky Nazi: Why? What's wrong with glue?

Holly Aho