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26 June 2005

Something Stinks at the Huffington Post

Yesterday Michelle Malkin posted about a Huffington Post article with some poor comments about the Vice-Presidents Health:

"Last throes," does one suppose? Here's hoping.

Posted by: HopingAgainst"Hoffman" at June 24, 2005 10:37 PM
there are a lot more comments posted there, take a look at them all.

But this is just the leading to what I find stinky. Later in the day Arianna Huffington responded this way:

Note on Comments
Some of the comments posted to the Cheney news story are highly offensive, and we will therefore delete them. While we at the Huffington Post believe that the public has the right to know what the Vice President was at the Vail hospital for, we only wish him the best of health.
To me this sounds all well and good. She trying to set an adult and civil environment in the discussions that go on. I applaude her for that, except when you scroll down and see this:
Post a comment
Thank you for commenting on The Huffington Post. We read each comment when it is submitted, so there may be a delay before your comment appears.
Somebody on the HuffPo Staff has been approving these rotten comments. What in the world is going on over there? On one hand they tell us all comments are moderated and then the other hand we have public notification of bad comments being deleted. Now if they were moderated how did these terrible comments get published in the first place.

Arianna must have thought that these comments were funny or appropriate in the first place and didn't change them until she got smacked by Malkin, or she has a terribly rude and inconsiderate moderation staff.

Which is it?

Update: Wizbang has noticed this as well.

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