Assumption of Command

09 June 2005

Still Homesick

For nearly 2 days the internet was off and when that happens I lose my connectivity with home. The E-mails start to stack up and I get homesick.

When I start thinking of home the time starts moving OH SOOOOOO SLOOWWW. This blog is one of my few diversions to get my mind off things in this dreadfully dull routine, but when the internet is off I have to find something else to do. So I couple of movies. Read some in a John Grisham book and tried to sleep more than usual. But it is not helping the homesickness. I don't know that I could pinpoint just one thing that I miss. I miss it all. But this is normal. I guess. I am trying to figure out what I want to do with my time when I get home. I will have lot of it.

I like to think about home, but then again it puts me in this situation. Ugh!

You know what, I am sort of just rambling here. Sorry.