Assumption of Command

05 June 2005

Tactical Pause in the Jerky Wars

As you could probably tell JP, aka The "Beef Jerky Nazi", and I have been having a lot of fun with the fight for supremacy in the Debate of Beef Jerky in Care Packages. This kind of stuff is a great diversion for both of us, as we are both guys who like to give other people the business and we are happy to have everybody on the Net to share that diversion with us.

But just remember there is a real war going on that has nothing to do with Beef Jerky and that is both of our top priorities. My job keeps me in an office near a computer while JP's doesn't. As such I don't want to pile on him with out him being able to fight back. So right now I am declaring a temporary Cease Fire.

I am sure JP is gathering his resources in his free time and coming up with some great idea to trash me in the Jerky Wars, but until he can get back into the full swing of things, I will be laying low. (except for my response to this)

Thank you for all the support for both sides of the Jerky Wars. The fun will continue soon.