Assumption of Command

13 July 2005

All Written out

Today, I wrote a long E-mail to my the Commander of the unit coming to replace us here. Just talking about my replacements is always uplifting, but it means I don't feel like writing much today. I am also slacking heavily on E-mail in General. There is just so much writing my head can handle at a time.

But I did get this funny E-mail asking me to get home soon so that I can keep Dr Dave in Check. Here are his answers to a very simple question about pasta salad at a future Cookout
> What do you think Dave?

  • I think my meeting schedule is getting in the way of sending timely responses.
  • I think Tom Cruise becomes scarier by the day. I think Ozarkland and Nostalgiaville, USA are the tackiest I-70 "attractions" in Missouri.
  • I think "Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here" is far superior to "Conjunction Junction."
  • I think A-coils are too expensive.
  • I think that my favorite kind of sprinkler is the one that goes "pfft pfft pfft pfft pfffffffffffffffffffffft" rather than the one that goes "whoosh, whoosh."
  • I think that, had the British pressed their August 27, 1776 attack on the Brooklyn lines, they could have pinned George Washington and the entire Continental Army against the East River and ended the Revolution mere months after it began.
  • I think my project doesn't have a prayer of being completed on time.
  • I think the Burger King commercials with that guy in the King mask are disturbing.
  • I think metal-coated ceramics make better catalysts than wire mesh due to their larger surface areas, shorter activation periods, longer lifespans, and more efficient use of costly noble metals.
  • I think Skippy creamy peanut butter is a fine product, and that a proper PB&J contains grape jelly.
  • I think that if you watch even one minute of PBS without contributing to their pledge drive, then you're a thief, a common thief!
  • I think George Lucas should quit messing with the original Star Wars trilogy, already.
  • I think Chipotle is really, really, really, um ... good..
Or were you asking what I thought about pasta salad? If so, I have no thoughts on the matter
You don't say!?!

I really wish I didn't have to take a rain check on this, because a good cookout sounds nice right now. As for Dave... I give up :)