Assumption of Command

18 July 2005

Beast 7

Gordon, aka Beast 7, has started up his own Milblog recently. Fittingly it is called Beast7's How it Ought to Be. The suffix 7 is the typical designator for the NCOIC. Like a Command Sergeant Major or a First Sergeant. And wouldn't you know it, Gordon is a retied First Sergeant. Its amazing how things like that work out.

I visited his new site today and found a real good post that goes along with the theme of late here on my site: The treatment of Iraqi children:

Pure Evil :
For at least the last sixty years, one of the great traditions and unofficial goodwill measures employed by U.S. forces worldwide is that of GI’s handing out candy to the children that inevitably congregate anywhere soldiers pause. There’s more than one reason that M&M’s, Charms and other candies have been part of every combat ration since the much maligned K- and D-rat of WWII. Kids and Joes are uniquely able to see past the differences of their respective parents and leaders that bring about conflict, and generally, smiles are the universal uniform in these encounters. Our generation’s Axis of Evil took advantage of that phenomena to reach new levels of depravity Thursday.
It is a great post, go take a look. As a matter of fact just go visit his site and welcome him to the world of Milblogs.

That is an Order! :)