Assumption of Command

09 July 2005

Call Me Captain Caption

"Look, all I want is $20.00 from checking. Show be where to insert my bank card, and hurry! There's a Donut shop across the street and time's a wastin'"

Best Pop Culture Award
"This is not the droid you are looking for."
Rodney Dill

The "I need to hit the Jackpot" Award
"But I have TWO ARMS, officer....I can't be a bandit!....ignore the 3 Red Sevens, that's my prefix."
Chevy Rose

The "TMI" Award
"I am telling you this once and only once.You goose me one more time and I will shoot you in your circut-board."

MOM (who is not Mustang Mama)

The "Because I Like Saki" Award
"I'll take a mocha latte with a double shot of saki."


Part of the OTB Caption Jam