Assumption of Command

02 July 2005

Chuck Update

There are a couple of new updates at Chuck's place.

Chuck has a couple things to say

Chuck speaks!!!
Notes to self:
1. "July is never a good time to visit DC - very humid."
2. "When falling off a canal river bridge wearing body armor, it is never smart to fall in head first."
He also got to meet the Commander-In-Chief
One more quote:
"You can talk about our President, his politics, and his family, but you can never talk about his character. I met him face-to-face today and I will protect him as well as I protect my own."
This is a real good post to read.

And so is this one. Joe, an old buddy of Chuck's stopped by and had these observations:

A message from our good friend Joe
The morphine seems to have increased his drooling though, but he’s always done that after a beer or two, so I hardly noticed.
That's funny, but not really the point of the post. This is:
But what can I do?
I challenge everyone who reads this, DO SOMETHING!!

Send the care packages, do the “any solider” program, adopt a unit, something. Fly the colors, welcome soldiers home, voice your support, give your time, anything. This weekend is Independence Day and for most of us reading this blog, it means a cookout, fireworks and maybe a parade. Shake that veteran’s hand that is walking in the parade, buy him a cup of coffee, JUST SAY THANKS!
I am really glad to know that Chuck has such great support back home when he needs it.