Assumption of Command

25 July 2005

Citizen Smash, Morning Quarters and Tori

Smash, has a great round up of articles and posts from the media and Milbloggers on his site. He calls it the Morning Quarters. It has some good links.

I also noticed that he has made some site updates now. He has added In-line Trackbacks. This means, that when I get done with this post and send him a trackback letting him know that I posted about his post, my link will appear directly on his main page under the post I posted about. That was a mouth full.

I bet there were some other improvements made that I don't know about either.

Also read about Tori's, Smash's dog, trip to Dog Beach:
TORI comments:

I took the humans to Dog Beach today – it was great! If you’re planning to go this summer, here are some hints for having a good time.

  • Don’t drink salt water. Yuck.
  • Seaweed may smell interesting, but it TASTES awful.
  • Chase outbound waves. RUN from incoming waves.
  • An object thrown by a human is fair game for all dogs. Finders keepers.
  • An object in the possession of another dog is much more interesting and valuable than whatever you might already have in your mouth.