Assumption of Command

26 July 2005

Couple links

There has been this mysterious lady roaming around the MilBlogs for a while. She called her self "Mom". But every where she when she should confuse people. Bloggers like me would have to explain that she isn't my mom. So to end the confusion she has changed her name to some thing that isn't quite prounoucable.

introducing the Artist Formerly Known as MOM : ~K

And Make sure to visit her new site: Life with me in it


Over at Randomosity, we find that I am not the only one who is a two-digit midget. April's Sister Michelle, Who I wrote about when I attended the Memorial Service for SPC Colburn, has started posting for herself.


1LT Bell, a tank company Executive Officer (I wish I had an XO) and member of the Milblogs ring, has a good site: Courage Without Fear

Check out his New Hummers.