Assumption of Command

05 July 2005

Does anybody want to answer this guy for me?

Benny Layton, a new commenter here, has written some comments, while in a polite tone, I don't agree with:
The unprovoked invasion of Iraq is the most senseless blunder ever undertaken by the U.S. and the world sees it. Apparantly now the majority of Americans do too. You will lose and it will be HUMILIATING. Remember the withdrawl from Vietnam? From Lebanon? From Somalia? Get ready for America's next humiliation, this time at the hands of poorly-armed, untrained Rebel fighters who have only one thing going for them. Not night-vision devices, not heavy armor, certainly not the on-call air support that the U.S. military so cowardly relies upon to bomb every single enemy foxhole when it encounters two guys with rifles. No, they have what Americans lack: COURAGE. The courage to actually fight, instead of the cowardice to keep one's head down in a hole and scream for the Air Farce to do the killing.
Against a real enemy you guys would be meat on a stick, a good reason why the world's biggest bully coward America won't even threaten North Korea or Iran and instead picks on a country like Iraq that it thought won't fight back. Wow, how "brave". But we are seeing, as the Iraqis have turned this into a real war, the American people quickly lose stomach for it. So quick to call for the bludgeoning of a seemingly-defenseless country, they panic when it becomes more involved and dangerous than a walk-over. Next time you see that awful gaudy American rag of a flag flapping in the breeze, remember that.
And a belated Happy Fourth of July to you, too. Obviously Benny isn't American. And I know for certain he isn't Iraqi or he would know how much good we have done over here.

Okay the comments are now open to who ever wants to take a shot at Benny!

Update: WOW! That was the reaction I was hoping to get times two. Awesome! I am a little surprised that more people didn't go after his flag comment, but Rodney Dill did:
Next time you see that awful gaudy American rag of a flag flapping in the breeze, remember that.

Proudly, Every time
Well Said!

I want to thank everyone for picking up my slack. ;) Keep the comments rolling!