Assumption of Command

25 July 2005

I Blame basil

Okay basil has this one to blame. A while back basil had a little blog war were he asked for help with some silly stuff. So I helped him and officially I became a member of his blog warrior crew. Part of the blog war was to increase basil's rankings in web searches. I put links on my site to basil's blog and all was happy until the other day when I say this in my referrer log.

Now Assumption of Command is getting visitors looking for pictures of Jamie Lyne Spears Naked! UGH!

I don't have any pics, pictures, or photos of Britney Spears or her sister Jamie Lynn Spears on this website. And if I did, I am sure they wouldn't be pictures of them nude, naked, pregnant or in a bikini. So go away!

basil on the other hand seems quite content with these search results:

Thank Heaven For Little Girls:
If it wasn't for little girls, and the perverts who want to see them naked, I'd have only have about half the visitors I have today. Well, maybe more than half. But not much.

Of the last 1000 visitors, 380 came looking for young females. And, no, I don't mean baby pictures on a bear skin rug or such. I'm talking some mostly pre-teens or early teens with no clothes.

And I'm benefiting from this! That's just wrong. And, my writing about it might just make it worse. But, you know what? If someone comes here looking for naked teens (or naked pre-teens), they're going to be disappointed. And maybe, just maybe, the extra disappointment will cause them to stop. Or delay them long enough for Mom or Dad to come in and catch them.

Unless, of course, it's Mom or Dad doing the searching. Didn't think about that, did you?
What are we going to do about basil. I think all of that Sweet tea has made him a bit silly.

(yes I know I just made things worse)

Update: Since this post is about basil, I figured I should make it a "Covered Dish Special".