Assumption of Command

06 July 2005

Iraq Army Making Progress

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From time to time I like to go to Google News and do a search on "Iraqi Army". And it never fails to produce articles on the progress the Iraqi Army is making towards being self sufficient. Today was no differant. Here are some link to some I have found today:

Iraqi army raid discovers large cache
Iraqi Army leads offensive against terrorist safe-houses
GIs building Iraqi army from scratch
Peshmerga Militia May be Key to Iraqi Army’s Success

One in particular caught my attention. It is a story about the two different Iraqi Brigades. One of them is in Baghdad and the other is in North, near Mosul.

When is the Iraqi army ready to take over?
One example is Ali Atalah Mallow, known to his men as General Ali. A controversial test case, Mallow is the only general in Saddam Hussein's army who has been rehired by U.S. forces.

In just eight months he's rebuilt the 3rd Iraqi Army Brigade and tamed the insurgency in his large area around Mosul, barely escaping three assassination attempts along the way.

“I lead by example,“ Mallow said. “From the front, in a word, I took the initiative. I never cave in to the terrorists' demands.”
General Ali is the Man! I have met General Ali in person:
(this is what I wrote about General Ali)

The General is a very proud man. He hates what went on in his country when Saddom was here. He also made sure to tell us that most of the Bad guys here in Iraq are not from Iraq. They tend to come from other places. He also looks to the future of Iraq as a strong nation that is safe for tourist to come back. There is a lot of historical places here.
I have deep respect for what him and the job he is doing here. It is really good to see people in the media take notice of people like him.

If you have been reading my site for awhile, you will know that I totally agree with President Bush when he says (paraphrase) "When the Iraqi's can stand up, We can stand down." And it will take people like General Ali and his men to get the job done. And I am truly confident that we are on the right track.