Assumption of Command

18 July 2005

My sheets have accessories

You remember these sheets right:Well if you don't, go check out why my friends back home sent them to me:

Be careful what you ask for...

Those same friends (Including Dave and RCBeep) of mine have sent me another package. When I saw this, I was almost afraid to open it. I held it up to my ear to make sure it wasn't ticking. But upon opening it, I find this stuff.They figured that since I was talking about how dark this place can get, that I really needed a night light to go with my sheets. And Why stop there might as well send me stuff to enhance my dinning experience as well.

The Package wasn't all Strawberry Shortcake stuff. I got some more of my favorite BBQ sauce. Ohhh, I can't wait to go to gates when I get home. Sometimes I sit and ponder what I am looking forward to the most when I get home...

Gates Barbeque or My Sister's Wedding,
My Sister's Wedding or Gates Barbeque,
Gates Barbeque or My Sister's Wedding,
My Sister's Wedding or Gates Barbeque,

Just kidding, how could I joke about something that important. There is no way I could put my Sister's wedding in from of Gates Barbeque ;) Oh whoops did I say that. I, uh, ummm, oh, ahh, must remember to smack myself later.

And Dave added the Dan Brown book. at least he didn't send a romance novel, like my dad has been sending me.

They also sent me some other cool stuff:
I am now officially stocked on Skittles and Starburst for the remainder of the deployment. The Pantera CD/DVD has been playing constantly, much to the annoyance of my First Sergeant. Royals Stuff is always good.

There was one more odd thing in the package:

But this odd thing has a deep dark secret. The picture above is just a disguise as this is his true identity:


Oh Good Grief! I got a Darth Tater. I laughed so hard when I saw the thing. Useing my Blue Collar Comedy Tour Dictionary, that would make Luke "Tater Tot".

This was a great package. It brought a much needed smile to my face. Thanks!