Assumption of Command

15 July 2005

Oh Happy Caption Day!

Write a Caption or keep your mouth SEALed.

The latest fad group, named for the singers. Ollie, Mack, Earl sing Salmon Chanted Evening for charity, for those that are hard of herring.
Rodney Dill

The "because the comments ate my captions" Awards
SOMEONE NEEDS TO DO 1000 PUSHUPS!!! (M23 says: "NOT ME!!!")
Mine are gone as well, dang! and now I'm
Chevy Rose

The "Two-thirds of a Pun... P-U" Awards
Boy: "So what's your guy's favorite fabric?"
Seal 1: "Fish Skin"
Seal 2: "Sealk"

Souldier: Prayer Warrior
These fish puns are giving me a Haddock.
Rodney Dill

The "Because it is wise to pick the girlfriend" Awards
From mattresses to park benches, Sealy's has it all!

Part of the OTB Caption Jam!