Assumption of Command

22 July 2005

This Caption Contest has gone to the dogs

"Ah, would you remind me what I pay you people for, honestly? Throw me a bone here!"
- Dr. Evil

Great! They're asleep and I will have this seatback in my face the whole trip. I told you going Greyhound was a bad idea!


The "Ewwww Gross" Awards
Hey Driver! Crack a window for us! The Rottweiler in 4C had some Hormel Chili and ripped one! The first 3 rows are already passed out!
White dog: " The pillows are kind of lumpy, and stink like butt from time to time, but other than that I would rate these accommedations as 4 bones up!" Animal Planet Travel Critic

The "Bus to Basic training" Award
"So why do they call it,"boot camp"? I ain't wearing no stinkin' boots....(sigh)...I wanted Tanks."
Chevy Rose

The "What The..." Award
The Animal Planet presents, "Cocoon III, The Reincarnation in Atlantic City". Due out this December. With the voice of Mustang 23 as Apeface, the boxer. Rcbeep gives his voice to Sam the golden retriever and Rcbeepbinks as Trixie, the Weimaraner.
(M23 says: I am not Apeface, I am more like a Wookie)

The "last week it was Arf this week it is Bark" Award
A remix of the classic sing-a-long kids' song...
Singing: "The dogs on the bus go 'Bark Bark Bark, Bark Bark Bark, Bark Bark Bark.' The dogs on the bus go 'Bark Bark Bark,' all day long!"
Souldier: Prayer Warrior