Assumption of Command

11 August 2005

"Army of One" Means being a Jerk?

Jack Army Pointed me to this post by Gordon about recent Recruiting Commercials.

(Language Alert)
These new army recruiting commercials are on about 50 times a day on Spike TV.

I've seen two: in one, this young veteran is joining some sort of helicopter mechanic outfit. The boss in about to introduce him to his crew, and they're making their introductions and whatnot, and one asks, "Have you ever worked on anything this fast, before?" Then the young guy has some sort of Post-Traumatic flashback of Army Apache helicopters, he focuses back to reality, and deadpans, "Yeah, I have." No smile, no attempt to be congenial.
I haven't been able to see these commercials. They don't put to many recruiting commercials on TV here.

I was never a fan of the Army of One Slogan. (but I do like the Black and Gold Star emblem) One of the first commercials I saw with the Army of One had a guy in Full Battle Rattle running by himself in the middle of the desert. (most likely NTC at FT. Irwin) In the background you see combat vehicles GOING THE OTHER WAY! So this guy is running from the battle being a coward. The Army seriously needs a ditch their advertising firm! (and take the stupid berets with them)

Has anybody else seen these new commercials? What do you think of them?