Assumption of Command

14 August 2005

Ask the Cats

I am not sure if everyone has seen this fairly new feature at Laurence Simon's place, This blog is Full of Crap. Laurence will take a current topic and post it as a question to his cats Nardo, Frisky and Piper. He will then post a picture of the cats with their answer to the question. He then invites people to send in their own Cat's picture and answer.

The most recent "Ask the Cats" is about Cindy Sheehan:

Lets ask the cats about Cindy Sheehan
Who cares what I think about Cindy Sheehan? It's time for a new feature of TBIFOC called Ask The Cats!

What do you think about Cindy Sheehan?

[pic of Piper on TBIFOC]
Piper: You know, she was happy to have met Bush the first time. But since then, she's been drawn into Michael Moore's gravitational pull and her fragile mind has been warped by the tidal forces in his gut.
Make sure to check the "Ask the Cats" Archives.

Thank you, kittycats.