Assumption of Command

04 August 2005

basil's blogging tip

basil has a new blogging tip up. Well maybe it isn't a exactly a blogging tip, it is more like a web design tip. It is good none the less.

It is about avoiding spam in your inbox:

Reducing Spam:
I hate spam. No, I'm not talking about Hormel's fine pork product. I'll fry some SPAM® up and eat it on a bun! No, I'm talking about the evil spam. The kind that shows up uninvited in your inbox. And that's what this Blog Tip is all about: reducing spam.

If you've had a computer and an e-mail address for any length of time, you've received spam. And you've probably taken steps to reduce it. Maybe you even bought some products to filter it out of your inbox.

It has some real good stuff. Take a read.